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Wiltshire Klof have become a well known name within Wiltshire and surrounding area. We have a fairly wide repertoire of folk dance music to suit anything from village hop to dancer's dance.

Present Band Members


Brian Lyons RIP Karel Bechler Peter Northeast Nick Kingman Richard Rees

Also with thanks to Derek Heather  
who is the percussionist on our CD and performed with us for many years..

Peter Northeast and Nick Kingman are also members of the rock band - 


CD & Tape Available

Steps in Time

CD Front Cover

Tracks       (Click on a track to hear a sample)
1. Uncle Reuben (Trad)., Boil 'em Cabbage Down (Trad) - 7x32 Reels (3:49)
2. Come up the Back Stairs (Trad), Maple leaf jig (Trad) - 7x32 Jigs (3:43)
3. Wiltshire Six-hand Reel (Trad) - 4x32 Reel (2:12)
4. O Gelchy Ford Gron (Trad), Difyrrwch Gwyr Llanfabon (Trad), Ymdaith yr hen Gymry (Trad) - 8x32 Reels (4:22)
5. McQuillens Squeezebox (Ralph Page), Year End Two Step (Ralph Page/EFDSS) - 7x32 Reels (3:50)
6. Astleys ride (Trad), Jolly dogs (Trad) - 4x32 Reels (2:12)
7. Aunt Hessies White Horse (Trad) (J.L.Vanschaik) - 7x24 Polka (3:01)
8. Captain McGuire (Trad), Crooked Stovepipe (Trad) - 7x32 Reels (3:45)
9. Waterloo Polka, 48 bar Polka (Anon.) - 5x48 Polkas (4:06)
10. March of St. Timothy (Judi Morningstar), Highland Lass (Trad) - 7x32 Reels (3:58)
11. My Love she's but a Lassie Yet (Trad/Arr Burns), Johnny Lad (Trad), Cock of the North (Trad) - 3x64 Reel/Jig (3:09)
12. Peta's Waltz (Rowena Wilson), October Passing (Roger Nicholls), As the Sun was Setting (John Kirkpatrick/EFDSS) - 6x32 Waltz (3:35)
13. Muffin Man (Trad), Mist on the Bog (Trad), Drunken Sailor (Trad) - 7x32 Reels (3:53)
14. Kitty McGee (Trad), Miss Bennets Jig (Trad) - 7x32 Jigs (3:53)
15. Woodland Revels (Trad), Horses Brawell (Trad) - 4x48 Polkas (3:25)
16. Loddie (Trad), Wha Wadna Gang ta the Gutting (Trad), Navvie on the Line (Trad) - 7x16 Hornpipes (3:19)
17. Whose Jig (Trad), Hilly go Filly go All the Way (Trad), New Rigged Ship (Trad) - 6x32 Jigs (3:19)
18. Golden Slippers (Bland), Oh Suzanna (Foster), Nelly Bly (Trad) - 7x32 Reels (3:13)

Due to a sudden illness and the passing away of our band leader Brian Lyons.
Wiltshire Klof Folk Band
 will no longer be available for any bookings

The Wiltshire Klof band members wish to thank all the folks that have supported us throughout the years.

This page will remain in memory of our dear Brian.


Why not visit the Wiltshire Folk Arts home page .


Webmaster Karel Bechler.